(An Education Fund Subsidy Scheme for Online Knowledge Database)


From 1 March 2017 to 30 June 2017, each Singapore law practice ('SLP') can apply under SmartLaw Assist for a 70% subsidy of the first-year subscription fees of LawNet Premium’s Academy Publishing Collection (subject to terms and conditions in the Application Form).

The subsidies will come from the Education Fund and the maximum amount of subsidies put aside for this scheme is S$300,000. Applications will be considered on a first-come-first-serve basis.


About the Academy Publishing Collection

The collection includes all the titles from the Academy Publishing’s Law Practice Series (LPS) and Monograph Series (MS) only which are available for subscription on LawNet Premium.

This is not an e-book library subscription, instead, relevant portions of text found in all the LPS and MS titles will show up as search hits when you conduct a search on LawNet, giving you results from case law, legislation and key textbooks in a single search. You will be able to view adequate amounts of the relevant portions of text in each title to help you determine if the material is on point for your research.


Subscription Fees and Subsidy

Lawnet is offering Academy Publishing Collection content to SLPs at a discounted annual subscription rate which can be combined with SmartLaw Assist subsidy. Please refer to the table below for the rates. 

Firm Size

Regular Annual Subscription Rate

Discounted Annual Subscription Rate

Annual Subscription Rate after SmartLaw Assist Subsidy (70%)


Singapore Law Practice with 1 to 10 lawyers






Singapore Law Practice with 11 to 40 lawyers






Singapore Law Practice with more than 40 lawyers





*Rates are all subject to 7% GST.


Please note that an existing LawNet basic subscription is required to allow you to add-on the Academy Publishing Collection. The application form, which is available for download below, must reach us before 30 June 2017.




To request for FREE TRIAL, please send your law practice name, e-mail address and contact number to Mr Simon Chia (6332 0078) at