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This event does not carry any CPD points. It is tailored specially for students and academics from the tertiary institutions and students in the Part B course.


National University of Singapore, Law Faculty, Eu Tong Seng Building, 469G Bukit Timah Road

Event Date: 20 September 2019 (6.00pm - 7.30pm)

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There is no registration fee for this seminar but seats are limited and are offered on a ‘first come, first served’ basis. A confirmation email will be sent for every successful registration. For enquiries, please call Tel: (65) 6332 4388 or email [email protected] .

In a world of rapidly worsening environmental conditions, and amidst a growing urgent interest in best practices for addressing the crisis, Singapore is often lauded for its exemplary approach to environmental management, and its environmental law is sometimes credited for this achievement. However, while Singapore’s environmental laws have contributed to progress towards sustainable development, there is room for improvement. Environmental Law in Singapore is the first and only textbook on Singapore environmental law. It is an essential reference written for legal practitioners in and outside Singapore; researchers and students; as well as businesses, civil society and policy makers who want to gain a more comprehensive and detailed understanding of the subject. The book explains the subject in the context of international and regional environmental law and the Singapore legal system. It describes, explains and critiques the applicable legal principles, legislative provisions and cases. Topics covered go beyond the traditional areas of criminal and civil liabilities in environmental regulation such as pollution control, waste management, nature conservation and climate change, to also include environmental governance issues such as procedural and substantive environmental rights. This book also considers developments in other jurisdictions where appropriate, for insights into potential areas for legislative or judicial reform.

Authors: Joseph Chun and Lye Lin Heng

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