How to sign-up for events?

How to sign-up for events?

Step 1

From the homepage, locate the “LOG IN and REGISTER” buttons located at the top-right corner.

Click LOG IN if you are an SAL Member or if you have already registered an account previously.

Click REGISTER if you are not an SAL Member or if it’s your first time making a purchase on the site. 

Step 2

Locate the event using the following options:

a. At the top of the homepage, select “Events” in the mega menu and browse through the sub-categories. 

b. By selecting the “Events” icon located at the homepage.

c. Do a quick search of the event using the SEARCH BAR at the top-right portion of the site. 

Step 3

Add the selected event to the cart by using the following method:

a. Hovering your mouse pointer over the product image and clicking “ADD TO CART”. At the pop-up window, click “VIEW YOUR BASKET”. 

b. If you want to read more details, click the event name and you will be directed to the product details page. Click the “ADD TO CART” button and then the CART icon at the top-right of the page.  

Step 4

Review your order at the Shopping Cart page.

Here you can enter a valid DISCOUNT CODE.

Please remember that each customer is only allowed to register once for any event. If you wish to register for a friend or colleague, you will have to create another account under another name and email.

Click on “CHECKOUT” after you have reviewed your order.

Step 5

At the checkout page, please provide your BILLING ADDRESS. If you have already made a transaction on the site, your billing address is stored in your address book. If any of the details have changed, you may indicate a new one.

For SAL Members with available CREDIT DOLLAR, a redemption button is found in the CONFIRM  ORDER section. 

After reviewing your BILLING details and the TOTAL COST for the registration, please take time to understand the Academy’s photography /videography clause  before clicking on the “PROCEED TO PAYMENT” button. 

Step 6

Provide your CREDIT CARD details. At the moment, we only accept VISA and MASTERCARD.

With effect from 22 June 2015GIRO payments will not be available for purchases made in

Step 7

After payment has been verified, you will be redirected to a CONFIRMATION PAGE where you can DOWNLOAD/PRINT your INVOICE.

For event registrations, there will be a system-generated confirmation email for each of the event in the cart. This email will be sent to the email address indicated during the registration.

If you are not redirected to this page, please call 6332 4388 or email [email protected].

Nearer the date of the event, an Administrative Email will be sent by the organisers containing further details of the event.