How to redeem Credit Dollar?


1. SAL Members must go to and must login to their accounts. For better online experience, we recommend the use of Google Chrome, Safari or Firefox. Some older versions of Internet Explorer may not be supported. 



2. Once logged-in, you may now browse the eligible webinars, trainings, conferences,
publications and titles by looking for the  sticker. 



3. After you have selected the item, you may proceed to:

a. Add the item to your Cart

b. Continue adding items to Cart

c. Click on the Checkout button if you are ready to make the redemption




4.  At the checkout page, you will be asked to provide your billing address and shipping address if you are ordering a publication. 



5. Use your available Credit Dollar by clicking on the REDEEM button. The price will adjust accordoingly after redemption. 

Finally, if there are any outstanding amount, you will be redirected to a payment gateway otherwise you will be shown a confirmation page with a link to a downloadable invoice.